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Towards Someone. Essays on Pacifism

Towards Someone. Essays on Pacifism

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Bartłomiej Sipiński
Stron: 190
Format: 17 cm x 12 cm
Rok wydania: 2023


The book “Towards Some” is an essay on teaching personalism as a pacifist philosophy. It is not about pacifism in the colloquial entry, as an eclectic slogan describing the spectacular activity of opposition to society, but it has no basis in philosophical considerations. The essay presents personalism as the ground for pacifist activity with conflict, which is always senseless, as Bertrand Russell points out. Pacifism entered personalistic, to the rejection of conflict in favor of Dialogue, in this case pacifism became ethics. An essay presenting the most common mistakes that cause conflict, the involvement of tensions, from the side sphere to the purely philosophical. The conclusion of the essay is the thesis that conflict is always bad and turns against all its participants one way or another. The essay also discusses the historical perspectives that have led people from conflict to conflict and how one can escape from these types of structures by reminding that the wheel. Essay taking into account the principles set out in the Dialogue and on the basis of what principles we can use for respect for people expressing themselves in a peaceful context. Since war, even this method, worldly, is naturally a retreat, the effectiveness of the effect we insult, so as to result in an ever-increasing circle, to the global sphere. A book showing how to accuse conflict and how to prove Dialogue so that it never escalates into war. In other words, for every word to have meaning and not suddenly become meaningless, that is, against a person, me and You.




One Does Not Fight for True Peace; It Is Found in Dialogue ...

1. Who Is on the Other Side So Far Away That You Can Barely See Them?
2. Towards Someone
3. Wolf Is a Man to Wolf ?
4. Faces of Past Worlds
5. Logos, Pathos and Ethos
6. The Tyrant’s Moralizing Speech
7. Violence
8. The Existential Burden
9. The Ghastly Mother of All Wars
10. Interpretation Excess
11. We and Those Strangers
12. The Armored Fighting Animal
13. From Dislike to Desire
14. ... Also a Man, There Is No Need to Trample upon Him
15. Ethics
16. Morality
17. Axiology and the Vicious Cycle of Violence
18. A Neighbor
19. Towards ...
20. Crippled Consciousness
21. The Winner Archetype
22. The Achilles Complex
23. The Bug of the Plague ...
24. The Inner Voice from the Outside
25. Morality Is Always Towards Someone
26. How Do I Perceive You? The Moral Trait of Personality
27. ... I Am Scared (...) Even When They Bring Gifts ...
28. Ahimsa
29. A Prayer for Peace
30. Solidarity
31. Kain’s Story
32. Are We Not to Help the Hungry?
33. Contempt of Enslavement
34. Pacifism



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