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Challenging Ideas and Innovative Approaches in Applied Linguistics

Challenging Ideas and Innovative Approaches in Applied Linguistics

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Studies in Linguistics And Methodology. Vol. 10

red. Wojciech Malec, Marietta Rusinek, Anna Sadowska
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Format: B5
Rok wydania: 2015


List of Contributors


Part I
Language Learning and Teaching

Izabela Batyra
The Use of Language Learning Strategies in Teaching Speaking Skills

Oksana Borysenko and Solomiya Vysotska
Challenges of Ukrainian ESP

Katherine Kerschen
Beliefs of Pre-Service EFL Teachers about English as a Lingua Franca in Language Teaching: The Implications for Teaching Pragmatics

Olesia Liubashenko and Olga Yashenkova
Getting Students to Think Laterally as an Evaluation Strategy at the Classical University

Richard Madsen
Students' Self-Assessment and Self-Awareness in Language Learning

Katarzyna Mroczyńska
Etymological Elaboration as a Strategy for Teaching Idioms in L2 and the Role It May Play in Teaching English Animal Idioms to Polish Students

Part II

Anita Buczek-Zawiła
The Notion of Pronunciation Standard for the Younger Generation of Poles

Magdalena Charzyńska-Wójcik
Mediaeval Multilingualism at Noon - a Preliminary Report on Insufficiency

Ida Stria
Esperanto Speakers - an Unclassifiable Community?

Part III
Discourse Analysis

Robert Butler
Force-Dynamic Interaction in Epistemic and Effective Stances: The Liberal Democrats in Multimodal Perspective

Joanna Jabłońska-Hood
English Humour Intended to Be Funny? On the Recognition of Comic Intentions and Relevance Theory in Humour Creation

Sylwia Szewc-Koryszko
What's New about a News Story? Divergences between the Popular and Serious Press in Polish

Part IV
Translation Studies

Jolanta Osękowska-Sandecka
Translation for Intertextualisation in the Press: Conflict Ideology Alterations

Lucia Salvato
The Potential of Intersemiotic Translations and Their Use in Academic Foreign Language Teaching


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